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Welcome To Wirya Karya Semesta!


Wirya Karya Semesta provides high quality Macnaught Flow Meters and Lubrication equipment of high performance in accuracy and reliability. M series Flow Meters and Macnaught Lubrication products have proven to be the preferred choice internationally with distribution in over 60 countries worldwide. Our expertise in fluid engineering can provide you with the best solutions to your flow measurement and Lubrication challenges. In choosing our services you allign yourself with a team experienced in fluid technology engineering solutions and excellent support to deliver the best flow measurement and greasing solutions for your business application.

Our wide range of products includes hand and air operated grease guns and pumps, hand and air operated oil pumps, oil and grease control guns, oil and fuel meters, heavy-duty auto rewind hose reels, positive displacement flowmeters, and an extensive range of accessories to suit all these items.

Wirya Karya Semesta offers our service in providing the best product and support for your business.If you are looking for efficient ways to improve your business process yields and internationally renowned product quality contact our service team for a consultation.

Our company has provided versatile solutions in an array of industries such as: Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Medical Devices, Analytical Instrumentation, Food Industry Manufacturing, Agriculture, Earth Moving, Mining and Marine and Automotive Industries.


"FMS" - Fluid Management System


The Macnaught Fluid Management System is a single or networked combination of 16 product controllers, with each controller supporting up to 4 colour touch-screens. Each controller can dispense up to 3 products simultaneously and be software configured to enable access to the products through any of the touch terminals. Contact us for more information.

"M" Series Flow Meters


Macnaught also leads the world in Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flowmeter technology with our M Series product range. With sizes ranging from 1/8” to 4” and a full range of accessories and instrumentation, this range covers a wide variety of markets and applications. Full service distribution in over 60 countries guarantees technical support is never far away. Contact us for details.