Fluid control solutions is our business.


Wira Karya Semesta, experience and knowledge


For many years Wira Karya has been in the competitive industry of flow measurement and fluid control for critical applications Providing reliable, accurate and high performance warranted Macnaught products. These qualities ensure your application will function efficiently and profitably.

The Macnaught products selection we provide includes integrated technologies applicable to a range of precision flow measurement challenges. These include positive displacment meter in the M-SERIES™ range able to handle a wide range of fluid viscosities with exceptional levels of repeatability and durability and the soon to be released Macnaught FMS Fluid Management System fully equipped with software to be integrated into your internal network.


WKS values


Wira Karya Semesta focuses on delivering more value for our customers fluid management and lubrication investment. Our products come with a 2 year warranty in Flow Meters and 5 -10 year warranty in Lubrication. We look forward to developing new ways to develop efficient and cost effective solutions for our customer's processing needs.



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